Why is Design Thinking is the Next Major Thing in User Experience Design?

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In User Experience, we always envision a product with a clear, beautiful, and intuitive feature set that makes the person’s life better.Features, on the other hand, are a tiny and delicate part of the product.They’re only a handful of the many possible solutions to a user’s dilemma that the product is attempting to address.Thinking about goods entails considering real customer challenges, tasks to be completed, objectives, and sales.The main user experience is not a set of characteristics; rather, it is the function for which users hire the product.

The key Uber user experience is to be able to get a taxi quickly and conveniently at any time. The countdown, which shows when the taxi will arrive, is a useful function that adds to the overall experience. However, Uber’s service works even if this function is disabled. On the other hand, the countdown cannot exist without the commodity (the certainty to get a taxi easily at any time). The relationship between feature and product is one-way: features are useless without the product. This is why designers should start with the end product in mind.

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Find out what work the commodity is used for.

A product’s main user experience is the reason it exists in the first place.

It meets a need or solves a problem for people.

It takes on new significance and value as a result of this.

Whether the problem does not exist, or if the solution does not suit the problem, the product becomes useless, and people will not use it, resulting in the product’s demise.

Wrong solutions may be corrected, but non-existent issues are unadjustable.

So, how can we be sure we’re dealing with a real issue?

Unfortunately, we cannot be 100 percent certain, but by studying and speaking with people, we can greatly reduce the chance.

As a result, identifying the issue and developing ideas that consumers actually want is crucial.

Clay Christensen, for instance, once tried to improve the sales of milkshakes. He tried to make them sweeter, offered them in different tastes, and slightly increased the size of the cups. Nothing worked out, until he started observing the customers who bought milkshakes. He found out that the job the customers hired the milkshake for was in fact to make their morning car ride to work less boring. The big benefit a milkshake has is that it is a thick drink that lasts longer than any other drink and stuffs the stomach. This was the real problem; the customers had no idea about it. In the end Christensen came up with the solution to make the milkshake even thicker, which led to an increase in sales numbers.

At Wingix, we’re always improving how we associate users with brands.

Each new project teaches us something new, which we then apply to the next.

We’ve progressed from using emails to using better collaboration and input tools to make the whole process run more smoothly.

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